Strona: Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics / Dept of Aerospace Engineering

Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics


Didactic laboratory. It enables experiments in the field of fluid mechanics.

The laboratory includes the following equipment:

  • Stand for testing the basic properties of fluids
    • Engler viscometer,
    • Hopler viscometer,
    • Electronic scale
  • Stand for the Reynolds experiment
  • Stand for measuring linear losses
  • Stand for the visualization of potential flows
  • Stand for testing the characteristics of flow machines, i.e .:
    • pump
    • reaction turbine.


Laboratory classes carried out in the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics cover:

  1. Directional characteristics of the Prandtl tube - exercise carried out at the Aerodynamics Laboratory
  2. Measurement of the basic properties of fluids
  3. Reynolds experiment
  4. Measurement of the linear loss factor
  5. Visualization of potential flows
  6. Determination of the characteristics of an impeller pump
  7. Determination of the characteristics of the reaction turbine