Strona: Aeroelasticity, Loads and Structural Dynamics Laboratory / Dept of Aerospace Engineering

Aeroelasticity, Loads and Structural Dynamics Laboratory


red. Radosław Kołodziejczyk

The laboratory measures and analyzes the dynamic properties of aircraft structures. The laboratory equipment allows for measuring the dynamic response of structures to sinusoidal, random and shock loads generated by the vibration system. The analyses are also performed with a modal impact hammer. There is also a drop test stand for testing the landing gear of flying objects which works as part of the laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with the following equipment:


Signal analyzer (Sirius 6xACC + 2xMulti module; IOLITEs 6xSTG module)

The analyzer consists of two modules enabling voltage, current and bridge measurements (with internal bridge completion: full, ½ and ¼). It has dedicated inputs for measuring acceleration using IEPE sensors with the possibility of individual sampling settings on each channel up to 200kHz. Built-in analog and digital voltage outputs. Communication via USB and Ethernet. Modules with synchronization for simultaneous measurements. The analyzer works with the dedicated Dewesoft X software with the extension of the DSA + package. It enables FFT, Human Body Vibration (HBV) analyses, machine diagnostics: row analysis, torsional vibration analysis, weighing of rotor devices, bearing condition analysis. It provides the possibility of carrying out structural analyses, measurement of the transition function using a modal hammer or a shaker, SISO, MISO, SIMO methods, coherence, MIF function, calculation of the damping coefficient. Built-in geometry editor with the ability to import a model from a UFF (UNV) file. It provides the possibility of acoustic analysis, measurement of sound pressure according to IEC 60651, 60804, 61672, narrowband FFT analysis in real time, octane analysis 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24.


Modal Impact hammer (PCB Piezotronics)

Modal impact hammer to excite structures for modal analysis. Measuring range ± 2224 N



The laboratory is equipped with 5 vibration shakers.

- RFT type 11075 shaker, operating range 5Hz - 5000Hz, permissible load 0.85 kg;

- Data Physics V55 shaker, operating range up to 7000Hz, permissible load for sinusoidal vibrations 444 N, maximum p-p displacement 12.7 mm;

- ZPD ILot WED-04 shakers;



A set of PCB Piezotronics acceleration sensors with a measuring range of ± 500 g. DYTRAN force sensor with a measuring range of 440 N. Strain gauges, cable potentiometers.


Landing gear drop stand

It allows for performing landing gear drop tests in the range up to 22 kN, determining the characteristics of the damping coefficient, loads during taxiing and braking.


The laboratory also allows for measuring the geometry of the structure and static deformation using digital image correlation techniques using the Tritop and Aramis systems.