Strona: Aerodynamics Laboratory / Dept of Aerospace Engineering

Aerodynamics Laboratory


The aerodynamics laboratory is equipped with wind tunnels and flow measurement equipment.

  • Wind tunnels: TA 500, TA 1000, TA 2.5
  • Supersonic wind tunnel
  • Wind tunnel for testing the boundary layer
  • Stand for the impedance analogy


Laboratory classes carried out at the Aerodynamics Laboratory cover:

  1. Potential flow of a circular cylinder
  2. Pressure distribution on a circular cylinder for different Reynolds numbers.
  3. Influence of the roll surface roughness on the value of the drag coefficient
  4. Determination of the drag coefficient - Johns method.
  5. Determination of the lift force coefficient on the basis of the pressure distribution on the profile surface
  6. Measurement of aerodynamic forces with an aerodynamic balance.
  7. Visualization of flows.
  8. The study of the structure of the boundary layer